I'm passionate about helping businesses, organizations and people do groups awesomely... Especially befriending their challenges and stuck places... And evolving into greater safety, connection & satisfaction.

John Shapiro Principal

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The benefits are many:

When your team feels satisfied, connected and safe, and you move away from hierarchical and towards relational, they become more deeply committed to the mission. They work smarter, better, harder and with more gusto and helpful creativity. This translates into real increases in sales, productivity and well-being, and less conflict, mistakes and undermining behaviors.

And when your team can do that, they can learn to engage with customers that way. Customers want to feel safe, connected and satisfied too! Connect with your customers like the real people they are. Learn to listen. And engage their needs and concerns authentically. And again, this translates into real increases in sales, positive word of mouth and more repeat business, and less conflict, bad customer service experience and disappointed customers going to your competitor.

I offer consulting, training, individual coaching, and general help with "organizational unsticking" to help you get there. Contact me to discuss your situation, and we'll start the process of awesome-ifying your organization!

Your group is aching to evolve. Your team wants to feel valued, included and free to be their authentic-professional selves. You'll become their friend-employer, and they'll become your friend-employees.

Your customers want to stop thinking of you as an object they have a transaction with, and starting thinking of you like a fair, reliable friend. You'll become their friend-company, and they'll become your friend-customer.


FYI: Southwest is not my client.

I love Southwest! I fly a fair amount, and they are one of the few companies and ONLY airline I think of as a friend-company. They have the most generous, common sense, fair frequent flyer program. They let me change or cancel my flight for free. They don't change a fee if I check a bag. They let their employees express their authentic, yet professional personalities. My experience with them has been overwhelmingly positive. I will always try to fly them over other airlines. And I talk them up whenever it comes up (like now!)

Sure they are not perfect. I've had a couple problems, but because they are my friend-company. So I cut them some slack and keep coming back.

And as a company they are hugely successful. Putting employee and customer relationship and satisfaction first hasn't affected their bottom line. In fact, they are consistently among the biggest, most profitable airlines and are among the highest rated in customer satisfaction.

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